Scarecrow Competition Entry Form

We have decided to run this competition to encourage all children to work together, we also hope they will have a lot of fun carrying the task out.

We want the children to be creative and use recycled products where ever is possible. Children should start of by making a plan of how their scarecrow will look then get teachers and parents involved in helping build their scarecrow.

When the children have completed their scarecrow, we ask that each class have a judging contest and pick one scarecrow per class and enter it into Mabie Farm Park competition.

The chosen scarecrows from each school have to be delivered to Mabie Farm Park, Farmers Den Dumfries or Farmers Den Annan by the 30.04.15.

We will display the scarecrows from 02/05/15 with the winner chosen on 03/05/15.

The scarecrows will be on display until the end of the season so kids can bring family and friends along to see them.

Winning School:

The winning school will receive FREE entrance to Mabie Farm Park for the whole school. This trip can be whenever fits in best with yourselves.


  • All scarecrows must be at Mabie Farm Park, Farmers Den Dumfries or Annan by 30/04/15.
  • Scarecrows must be clearly marked with school name. (Please try and make the name waterproof)
  • One Scarecrow per year group can be entered, so a maximum of 7 scarecrows per primary school.
  • The winning scarecrow will be picked by a third party with no school connections.
  • No size limit for scarecrow.
  • All scarecrows will be on show to the public from 02/05/15 until the end of the season.
  • This competition is only for Primary schools.

We have set a limit of one scarecrow per class to make it more equal between larger and smaller schools. So if the school has 10 pupils or 300 pupils they all have the same chance to win.

We encourage the schools to make more scarecrows and put them on display at their school so that everyone gets to take part in this task.

The scarecrows will be displayed all around the walls of our play barns and straw barn.

Good Luck And Thank You for entering

Darrin Shuttleworth